Kutkonnect is a practice growth accelerator. We help 6-figure pharmacy and medical practices grow 10x through effective practice automation and superior marketing and advertising.

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The 3 Key Practice Mistakes That Will Kill Your Business

Poor or Inefficient Marketing & Advertising

  • Advertising that is too broad or general
  • Advertising without a mechanism for immediate patient action
  • Ineffective or non-existing targeting

Trading Time for Money

  • A practice requires you to be onsite to treat patients
  • Limited use of practice extenders (PA, APN, etc.)
  • No subscription or pre-payment services

Limited Practice Workflow Automation

  • Patient cannot self-schedule
  • No automated intake
  • Limited use of cash pay procedures
  • Patient treatment limited to onsite appointments
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Proven Process & Methodology

Over 20 years of experience, pharmacy, business, and automation.

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Complete Practice Automation

Find the right provider. Patient self-scheduling and automated patient self-check-in.

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Remote & Virtual Practice Solutions

Optional fully-integrated “practice-in-a-box” telemedicine solution

EMedicine.Healthcare We Bring Healthcare To You

Since the creation of the first smartphone in 1992 and the advent of the internet and social media, more than 3 Billion people are online worldwide.

We have created a personal patient experience that makes 24 hour immediate access to a board licensed physician possible. We are leading the effort to make affordable, quality healthcare permanently accessible to the over 200 million Americans with smartphone or internet access. We are at the forefront of healthcare accessibility.

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